Awakening coherency, within and without

The ability massage has to help people feel more coherent in mind, body, and spirit is the reason we, at Sovereign Body Massage, get out of bed in the morning. As a definition,  Coherency means, “a logical and orderly and consistent relation of parts; the union of parts of the same body; connection or dependence, proceeding from the subordination of the parts of a thing to one principle or purpose…”. When you are in pain, it can be a strong distraction that takes you out of the present like nothing else. The power of massage can ease your pain and bring you back to yourself, inviting coherency to take root. By this, we mean your being organizes around the inherent principles of health and well being. You are more clear on who you are, what you stand for, why you came to be. Coherency dissolves the illusion of separateness and imparts the essential understanding that any healing you do for yourself, you do for the collective. Thank you for choosing to heal.


Claire Eberhardt
Claire EberhardtOwner & LMT, CMLDT

Claire Eberhardt, in practice since 2010, holds a diploma in Structural Integration (Dr.Ida Rolf technique) from the Chicago College of Healing Arts. She is also a Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Manual Lymphatic Drainage Therapist. Claire’s other specialities include Myofascial Release, Neuromuscular pain-reduction techniques, and TMJD (jaw pain from joint dysfunction or general clenching) massage. She does not underestimate the healing power of a good relaxation massage and often weaves relaxation techniques into her therapeutic work as well.

One of her favorite aspects of being a massage therapist is the problem-solving and detective work involved in locating where discomfort originates and and she loves the journey toward ever-deepening the assessment skills required for this task.

Claire regards massage/bodywork as the privilege to help empower the innate sense of self-healing within each client, as a spiritual practice, and healing of the One.

When she is not doing massage therapy, she is most likely spending time with her beloved, Davin, or her dog Finn.

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