COVID19 massage safety precautions


This page will be frequently updated as new, pertinent information becomes available. Please check back often.

As a Massage Professional, I carefully research all recommendations, especially those put forth by the leaders in my field, for keeping our space as safe as possible. While the masking requirements have gone back and forth, my field has continuously recommended that they be worn regardless of vaccination status during massage. This is due to our inability to social distance and extended close contact.


Despite all the safety measures to be taken, we will never be able to keep massage 100% risk free, in this vein, please be sure to fully educate yourself about COVID before you decide massage is right for you. Though most people recover or have no symptoms at all, it is important to understand that, worse case scenario, contracting this disease could result in blood clots, organ damage, and possibly death.

In this vein, I won’t be seeing anyone who is immunocompromised and strongly recommend anyone who is 65 or older and/or with underlying conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic lung disease, moderate to severe asthma, heart conditions, chronic kidney disease, liver disease, or obesity to check with his/her doctor before receiving massage.


COVID-19 is likely to become endemic, such that we will have to learn to live with it. Unless it would be prudent otherwise, I am not going to continue to ask clients about symptoms or take temperatures (which hasn’t proved helpful regardless) and instead will ask that you please use your best judgement around all COVID-related issues and do your best to reschedule any appointments to reduce transmission/exposure to myself and my business where necessary. I will do the same & notify clients booked within the last 2 days of possible exposure should I be exposed and/or test positive. My 24 hour cancellation policy is waived if you have to cancel for COVID-related reasons as long as you notify me upon first symptoms/exposure and/or positive test.

There is an informed consent/screening form to read & sign before your first appointment. Once we’ve booked your appointment, and, if you want to plan ahead, please download, sign, and bring (or email back) this form with you to your first appointment: COVID SCREEN & INFORMED CONSENT

If you have been diagnosed with and recovered from COVID-19, please fill out the following form to make sure massage is safe for you: ADDITIONAL HHX FOR COVID19 DX


I am scheduling 45 min between clients for cleaning/disinfecting purposes, which will include sanitizing all frequently touched surfaces. Please wait in your car if you are any more than 5 min early.

I will be wearing a mask at all times and will ask you to do the same- if you can’t while laying face down, I have a pillow case technique to try 🙂 I will also have some extra masks on hand in case you forget yours.

During extensive neck work (beyond 15 mins), while a client lays face-up, I will have an easily installed plexiglass shield at the head of the table. It will serve as a better barrier between our faces in addition to our masks.

I will have hand sanitizer available to use as you see fit.

Of course, as always, the table/face cradle linens you lay on will be completely turned over & extra attention to detail will be paid to sanitizing the table itself as well as the linens.

When weather permits, I will have a window open and a HEPA purifier running at all times for improved ventilation and air quality. During winter months, when I have to close the window, I will add a second HEPA air purifier and a humidifier to maintain good air quality.

  • I’ve purchased a hydrometer to monitor humidity: it is ideal to keep humidity between 40-60% to make the air less hospitable to virus’- with the heat running, this can be a challenge and I’ve gotten it to 40-50% at best and high 30’s otherwise
  • I also have used an indoor air quality monitor to measure the build up of CO2 from our exhalations – it is ideal to keep this number below 1000- when I measured last (during winter 2020), it didn’t go beyond the 600’s- THIS IS GREAT NEWS!!

I will be wearing and changing full-coverage aprons between each client & practicing my usual hand/forearm hygiene of course.